Principal's Term 3 Holiday Challenge


First Challenge

The first challenge is READING. Your challenge is to read everyday. I wonder how many pages we can read as a school these holidays? Once again, I am hoping that each grade can average 50 pages per student during the holidays, which would be 19450 pages. To complete your reading log please enter your reading log details in the Google form. Please log your reading here.

Second Challenge

As our theme for 2017 is "Go beyond your boundaries" your second challenge is to learn a new skill.  It could be learning...
  • how to juggle
  • a magic card trick
  • a magic trick
  • play a song on an instrument
  • solve a Rubrik's cube
  • say good morning, good afternoon, thank you, please and or count to 20 in another language
  • crochet or knit an item/square
  • make a balloon animal
  • cook a cake (not using cake mix)
  • any skill of your choosing

There is no limit to what skill you can learn.

Your challenge after learning your new skill is to either...

  • film yourself doing the new skill or
  • take a photo of yourself doing your new skill

If doing a video email it to Please include in the email whether you give permission for your photo/video to be possibly uploaded to the school website and or school YouTube channel. Please be aware that the video should be no longer than two minutes in duration and less than 25MB, otherwise the video will need to be zipped or saved to a USB and brought into school in an envelope with your name on it the first week of Term 4.

Good luck and happy learning.

Mr Jones