School Band Concert

The library at Our Lady of Mount Carmel was overflowing with an eager audience who had come to see the School Band perform their annual concert.

We were dazzled by the confident performances of our beginners in junior band and our experts in senior band. The children performed solo, ensemble and full band pieces. The children have been learning their pieces since the beginning of the year with some serious practise in the lead up to their concert. The children are to be admired not only on their musical skill but for having the courage to perform in front of such a large audience.

The children have developed so well under the guidance of their band teacher Margaret Ciccarelli. Each week Margaret tirelessly and skilfully guides the children in their musical development. Margaret is always sad to loose the senior band members each year but amazed by the development of the junior band and how quickly they develop.

Studying the Notes
Junior Flautists
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