Principals Holiday Challenge Autumn 2018


Dear Boys and Girls,

During these school autumn holidays I have two challenges for you.


The first challenge is READING. I wonder how many days you can read during the autumn holidays.  For each day you read, please complete the reading log details in the Google form. Please use the link below or see the school website or Skoolbag.  Reading log link.

1-4 days read - 1 entry
5-7 days read - 2 entries
8 or more days read - 4 entries


The second challenge for the holidays is to be Environmental Detectives and complete as many boxes on the bingo sheet.  

As you do an activity, please highlight the particular box.  The blank boxes are free choice. Please write what you did in the particular box that is about looking after the environment.  No two boxes can be the same and the blank boxes must be written in and highlighted to be included.

6 boxes – 1 entry
10 boxes – 2 entries
13 boxes – 3 entries
17 boxes – 4 entries
20 or more – 5 entries

At the end of the holidays, please get a parent to sign your sheet and return it to school the first week of Term 2.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, happy reading and environmental detective work.

Mr Jones