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Our notes & forms page has copies of all the notes, forms and permission slips sent home from school, for your convenience.

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If you require a copy of any notes that are not found on this page or have any other general enquiries, please feel free to contact OLMC Primary by phone on 8832 1100 weekdays between 8:45 am and 3:15 pm or send us an email.

  Canteen Menu 2018

Updated 2018 Canteen Menu

  Absences for Extended Leave-Travel

Please complete the attached "Application for Extended Leave - Travel" and return to school TWO weeks prior for approval. This form can not be granted retrospectively. If approved the Principal will issue a Certificate of Extended Leave - Travel. If the principal declines this application (i.e it is not within the best interest of the child to take leave and be absent from school), a letter notifying parents that the application has been declined will be sent notifying the parents.


Parents and Friends Association - 2018 Role Descriptions

  Parents & Friends Principal and Assistant Principal's Report Term 1 2018

Parents & Friends Principal and Assistant Principal's Report shared at last night's meeting.


BYOD Program - iTunes Account

  5 Ways to Build Your Childs Numeracy Skills K-4

Thinking about time, Creating with pattern, Measuring and calculating, Understanding shape, Enjoying numbers.

  Autumn 2018 Vacation Care

COSHC Mother Teresa - Autumn 2018 Vacation Care information and application form. Return booking form in person or email to Contact Centre Supervisor on 0418 153 894. Closing Date for Bookings & Payment: Thursday, 29 March 2018.

  Book Club LOOP

Book Club LOOP. LOOP is the Scholastic Book Club Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform.

  Hillsbus Update Commencing 19 March 2018

Hillsbus Update commencing 19 March 2018. Route 8008 will no longer operate.

  HillsbusTimetable 2018

Please find the Hillsbus Updated Timetable for 2018. Route 8005 has been added.

  Parent Questionnaire 2018

In preparation for the 'Meet the Teacher' interviews in Week 5, we ask that you sit with your child and complete the Parent Questionnaire. Please return it to your child's teacher before your interview.

  Principal's Holiday Challenge

Complete a set of fun challenges over the summer holiday.

  Principals Autumn Holiday Challenge 2018

Autumn Holiday Challenge

  School Fees Letter 2018

Letter regarding School fees 2018

  School Uniform Letter

School Uniform Letter - 28 March 2018

  Enrolment Form

Enrolment Application & Agreement, Enrolment Years Kindergarten (ES1) to Year 6 (Stage 3).

  Form for temporary administration of prescribed medication during school hours

Date, Name, Period of Treatment, Doctor Contact number, Medical Condition, Name of Medication, Dosage, Time of Adminstration, Signatures

  Form to Change Update Personal Details

Student's name, Residential details, Mother's details, Father's details, Emergency Contacts, Names, Signatures

  ICT Parent Information Night handout

How do we use ICT at OLMC?, Cyber Safety, Where to go for more information on Cyber safety, Kid's Cybersafety rules

  OLMC Learning Spaces

An overview of our learning spaces and the advantages they have for your child's learning.

  Technology Acceptable Use Contract Early Stage One Stage One

This contract outlines the responsibilities of children when using ICT, Name, Date, Student Signature and Parent's Consent

  Technology Acceptable Use Contract Stage Two and Stage Three

Responsibilities of children when using ICT devices, Contract, Consent form, Date

  Technology Acceptable User Contract ES1 and Stage 1

Responsibilities of Children when using ICT devices, Contract, Parents Consent, Date

  Technology Acceptable User Contract Stage 2 and Stage 3

This contract outlines the responsibilities of children when using ICT, Child's name, Class, Date, Student signature, Parental consent

  Kindy Overview 2018

Kindergarten Grade Overview for 2018

  Year One Overview 2018

Year One 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1.

  Year Two Overview 2018

Year Two 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1

  NAPLAN Parent Letter 2018

2018 - Years 3 and 5

  Year Three Overview 2018

Year Three 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1

  Downloading Apps for Student Ipads

Apple ID password, Downloading Apps, Tear off slip

  Excursion - Royal National Park Wattamolla

Excursion Note for Year 4 to attend Royal National Park, Wattamolla

  Year Four Overview 2018

Year Four 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1

  NAPLAN Parent Letter 2018

2018 - Years 3 and 5

  Year Five Overview 2018

Year Five 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1

  Year Six Overview 2018

Year Six 2018 - Grade Overview Term 1