Learning at OLMC

What does learning look like at OLMC?

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s educational philosophy is based on a belief that quality education takes place in a collaborative community of reflective and cooperative learners. And where each learner is nurtured and challenged to explore, investigate and problem solve through explicit learning and teaching.

The key elements of our educational philosophy are:

  • a foundation based on the teachings of Christ
  • a partnership with home, parish and school
  • a collaborative learning community of parents, staff and students
  • teaching and learning that is based on intellectual quality, quality learning environments and significance (Quality Teaching Framework Model)
  • the explicit teaching of skills in cooperative learning
  • problem solving, investigative and critical thinking experiences that promote personal responsibility and an inner delight in life and learning
  • the implementation of quality teaching based on the NSW Quality Teaching Model

Intellectual Quality

This refers to teaching that is focused on producing deep understanding of important, substantive concepts, skills and ideas. This requires students to engage in higher-order thinking and to communicate substantively about what they are learning.

Quality Learning Environment

This refers to pedagogy that creates classrooms where students and teachers work productively in an environment clearly focused on learning. Such pedagogy sets high and explicit expectations and develops positive relationships between teachers and students, and among students.


This refers to pedagogy that helps make learning meaningful and important to students. Such pedagogy draws clear connections with students’ prior knowledge, with contexts outside the classroom, and with multiple ways of knowing or cultural perspectives.