Co-operative Learning

Co-operative Learning Groups is a strategy used for learning at Our Lady of Mt Carmel whereby all students engage in group activities with each student undertaking a role.

Co-operative learning happens within the context of community. This reflects the population at large allowing the students to learn the attitudes, knowledge and skills that benefit all in the community.

Co-operative or collaborative education is much more than an effective instructional methodology—it is an enabler of learning, relationships, values, education and importantly, building a faith community (Phil Billington).
Co-operative learning is the instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximise their own and each other’s learning (Johnson, Johnson & Holubec).
When children feel that they are among friends in their schools and classrooms, they make the school community their own. And in committing to the school community’s values, they become more engaged in learning and more thoughtful and caring in their behaviour. Friendly classrooms don’t just happen, of course. They take considerable effort on the part of both teachers and students. But increasingly, this new emphasis on building community is being recognised as valid and important (Dalton and Watson).

Some of the strategies for teaching the skills of co-operative and reflective learning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel are:

  • G.E.M. Groups
  • The Quiet Sign
  • Team Roles (Co-operative Learning Groups)
  • KWL Charts and Y Charts
  • K.I.S.S.E.S
  • Think Pair Share
  • Three Stars and a Wish
  • Hands Up Pair Up
  • Give One, Get One
  • Sharing Circle
  • Reflective Learning Journal
  • Self Assessment
  • Rubrics

Roles for Co-operative Learning Groups

Manager Organises group. Keeps group focused on task.
Encourager Positive feedback to the group enables all group members to join in.
Reporter Communicates group’s findings to the class. Clarifies responses.
Recorder Scribes the ideas offered. Defines and clarifies answers.

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